Open(s) 2019!

We love the Open

From 2010 on, CFEB/AFEB has participated in the CrossFit Games Open every February/March. Even though it is a global fitness competition, we get to exercise in our home gym among our supportive peers.

We love the Open because it pushes us to be better than our past selves and points out our weaknesses, often brutally.


We love the Open because it allows us to see how much we have grown year over year, and it is important to tell the stories of struggle and growth that are behind the performances of each Ascension Fitness member.


Who should do the Open?

We are committed to making fitness accessible AF to you, our members. Therefore I want to lay out why people do the Open and what you may experience when you do it.

The Open is a yearly competition. Most people participate in the Open:

  • to push themselves mentally and physically

  • to have something to prepare for (just like it’s nice to have a 5-10k run to prepare for— you have a deadline, you have your training laid out, so you get it done!)

  • as part of a friendly competition with their gym buddies

The Open is GREAT for all of those things. If that sounds like you, you should do the Open.

The Open can also be a stressful time! It is 5 workouts long, but the workouts are spread out into 1 per week. (Giving everything you have once per week for 5 weeks is HARD. If you’ve never done it before, you’ll have to trust me on that.)


  • you are not prepared to have your weaknesses handed to you over and over

  • you are not prepared to have another person calling you out on reps that do not “count”

  • you are not prepared to compare yourself to competitors who will absolutely crush the workouts

Then you shouldn’t do the Open. I say this from a place of understanding: I have seen people get swept up by the excitement of signing up for something new and then realize that they have not set aside the mental/physical energy required to learn from the new experiences.

If you are really new to fitness or if you’re just in the gym to be fit and not compete, I would expect you to be unprepared. That’s where you are in your fitness journey right now.

You can still do the Open if you are new to fitness. Set the expectation now that you will learn a TON about yourself, your fitness, and your mindset over the next 5 weeks.


Logistics: How will AF do the Open this February/March?

The first thing to know is that THERE ARE TWO OPENS IN 2019.

CrossFit HQ is in the middle of changing their competition qualifier format. What it means for us is that the 2019 Open will be in February/March of 2019, and the 2020 Open will be in October of 2019.

After 2019, the Open will only be held in October.

THEREFORE, we are going to keep the event small in February/March so that we have momentum and energy for October. Pacing yourself works over long time frames too, not just in long workouts!

What will February/March look like?

We will do an un-judged (nonjudgemental? :) ) version of the Open workout in our regular classes on Super Saturdays. This will allow us to warm you up right and set you up for a successful workout!

Judged workouts will be Saturdays from 11am to roughly 1pm. We will crank up the music and judge each other. There will be a warmup and workout strategy provided for you, but we will not be coaching at that time. Here are the 5 exact dates:

  • February 23

  • March 2

  • March 9

  • March 16

  • March 23

There will NOT be other dates/times available to do judged workouts.

Why? Hard deadlines create the best preparation. No 10k Run is going to allow you to “do it tomorrow because you won’t feel like it today”. The Open workouts are much like our other benchmarks: come as you are, give what you have, and get fitter than you were yesterday.

If you are doing the Open “officially”, you must be judged

Sign up on the CrossFit Games website to make it official.

If you want to be judged, you must judge

If you are coming on Saturdays from 11am-1pm and expect to do the workout judged, you must in turn give your time to judge someone else. Take the 2019 Judges’ Course so that you are prepared!

Come watch! Come try it!

If you’re curious, we would love to have you try a judged workout or just come see how we do the Open workouts. You’ll also get to see your coaches working out :)